Montenero - a monolithic concrete construction solution.



Montenero Concrete Construction delivers "Safe and Sustainable Places" to people in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

The absolute best construction technique for disaster-prone areas. We provide patented formwork for large scale, multi-unit, repeat projects. Designed to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes and EF-5 tornados, our goal is to provide you with the safest places to work, learn, live and heal.

"The only natural force on earth that can knock one over is a comet"
~ Joseph P. Warnes, PE, noted structural expert

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Montenero partners with contractors, engineers, architects and owners to create disaster proof structures that are used in multi-family housing, schools, dormitories, barracks - or any repeat, multi-unit project that requires speed and superior structural integrity.

Our modules are 5-sided, monolithic, steel-reinforced concrete disaster-resistant shells that are designed to withstand anything nature can throw at them. We have completed multiple projects in hurricane-prone Florida, tornado-risk Oklahoma and typhoon-prone Philippines.

Our formwork is patented and made by our partner, BEC Modular in Singapore. We can work with your team to use this amazing technology anywhere in the world!