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Disaster Resistant Home Prepped and Ready for Transit

Montenero is looking forward to being in Oklahoma this week. The structure is loaded on a low-boy trailer and ready for transit from Jacksonville to Moore. I've marveled at the kind of response we have received from all walks of life. Friday was a day in which we had workers (people who do things) load a 60,000 pound structure on to a trailer. Most of these guys (yes, they happen to all be male), were brimming with pride for being some small part of this project. On the side of the concrete structure, we stenciled "MOORE STRONG" and these words resonate with workers. It was actually comforting to see the care in which these guys performed their work. The pride they exhibited was not attributed to loading a large monolithic concrete box-frame structure - that is mundane to them. Their pride stemmed from the fact that they were loading it for a family in Moore, OK. Last May, they all watched the news in utter horror as they learned of the lost lives and destroyed property. And they remember. Mostly, they see a solution that can help prevent loss of lives in the future.   Don't Run to it, LIVE in it!     [caption id="attachment_72" align="alignnone" width="300"]disaster resistant shell, monolithic concrete Final prep work for the long journey from Jacksonville FL to Moore, OK.[/caption]

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