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Amplifications and Clarifications. Oh, and this Saturday.....

Our first structure will soon be arriving and placed on the slab by Allied Steel and Crane ( of Oklahoma City. Timing in not perfect - Saturday, December 21st at 10a. Hopefully the cold and ice storm will hold off for a while. Here is a nice little feature done by News 9 with Steve Shaw. We want to emphasize a few things: - We support ALL storm-safety measures. This is about saving lives, not who produces the best shelter. So whether you have an in ground garage shelter, one in the backyard, or a walk-in closet or even basement, we support ALL of them. - Monolithic technology is different than wall technology. Our approach is to essentially take the safe room concept and make it a usable, liveable space using our patented forming technology. - FEMA and Texas Tech play an important role in wind storm education and safety. FEMA publishes P320 and P361 guidelines (they do not certify products) and Texas Tech Wind Lab has a testing facility to test impact. Our engineered product does not require a physical test as the type of wall/roof system we have complies with previously tested structures. There are a lot of knowledgeable and experienced technical personnel that understand the impact and pressures of EF5 tornadoes - OU Fears Lab, for instance. Many local engineers and weather professionals also provide excellent guidance. We value this community of experts. We seek their guidance and counsel and strive to meet or exceed their guidelines. Our overall goal is to save lives.

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