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National Tornado Summit

Montenero is in Oklahoma City for the National Tornado Summit. It is a gathering of about 1,100 professionals focused on the the preparation, forecasting, emergency response, and rebuilding surrounding wind storm events. Again, the National Storm Shelter Associated provided overview of safe places to be during tornadoes, confirming Montenero's approach is among the safest. Presenters covered topics ranging from insurance mitigation, to emergency response, to community leaders of impacted markets, to weather prediction advances to construction technology.   The good news is that conferences such as these bring attention to how to deal with disasters. Great ideas are tossed about and more solutions will inevitably come forth. However, there is still a paradigm that must be broken. Nearly every construction presentation centered around how to improve wood-frame construction methods, holding builders accountable for exceeding code, rather than simply meeting it. Any wood frame construction becomes projectiles in wind storms. The dominant thinking is that a small shelter and a large wood framed home with a high roof is the only answer. We intend to open up some minds by showcasing a safe suite of products and homes that are attractive, cost-competitive and safer than any other home being built.

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