Montenero Concrete Construction Solutions.


Pricing & Business Model

Pricing is highly dependent on some critical factors: cost of steel/concrete, location of your project and total project scope. Generally, cost components can be broken down to engineering/design, geotechnical (soil conditions), foundation engineering/design/build, form prep, module construction, delivery, set-in-place (crane/rigging) and interior/exterior build out. We can get you estimates on any aspect of your project once we have a general scope and understanding of the above items. Our formwork is manufactured to specifications. We lease the formwork to your contractor and direct mobilization, training, operation, certification and demobilization. We recommend that your contractor has significant experience in concrete placement and industrial crane rigging/operation. We also recommend that your contractor have experience in LEAN construction or the Toyota Production System as the biggest benefit beyond strength, insurance savings and maintenance is SPEED.

Engineering and design

We provide sealed engineering drawings by licensed professional structural engineers. These services include assessment of building codes, specification of all anchoring methods and wind-load calculations. In addition, we work closely with our foundation (slab/pier) designers, geotechnical (soils) engineers and contractors to assure all aspects of your job are coordinated.

Buildout consultation

We work with our contractors or yours to address all aspects of the finished product. Buildout services include location of penetrations (openings such as windows and doors), furring, insulation and finishes.

Build, deliver and install structures

Montenero has a number of forms and methods to create modules, mini-modules, walls and decks. All of our components are engineered to work in unison to create a seamless, water-tight structure capable of withstanding anything nature can throw at it.

We also coordinate all aspects of transporting the machines and/or modules and setting them in place at your site. This includes working closely with licensed/insured crane and rigging companies and transportation companies capable of heavy haul.

Disaster/structural consultation

We have consulted with and worked for some the most prominent engineering companies and universities in the United States. Having built in tornado-alley and hurricane risk coastal areas, we are highly skilled at deriving the best solutions for your project. If we don't have the answer, we reach out to our trusted associates in academia and industry to get it.

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Montenero concrete safe structures are designed to comply with FEMA P-320, "Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room for your Home or Small Business," and FEMA P-361, "Design and Construction Guidance for Community Safe Rooms". Our concrete design criteria includes stone aggregate (normal weight), 28-day compressive strength (f'c) of 5,000+ psi and grade 60 reinforcing bars. In accordance with "Summary Report on Debris Impact Testing at Texas Tech University" (WISE, 2003) and "Construction Materials Threshold Testing" (WISE, 2004), 4-in. of concrete, as described above in the FEMA documents, reinforced with #4 rebar spaced at 12-in. on center each way and/or 4-in mesh is resistant to the 15 lb. 100 mph tornado wooden missile, and therefore approved for the construction of tornado shelters and safe rooms. Click the links below to find out more about FEMA and the Texas Tech Wind Institute,

These structures are also known as disaster-resistant shells, box-frame structure or permanent modular construction. In all cases, the differential is clear - the roof cannot blow off!

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Montenero - a monolithic concrete construction solution.
Montenero - a monolithic concrete construction solution. Montenero - a monolithic concrete construction solution.