safe solutions for tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes

Montenero Concrete Homes deliver "Safe and Sustainable Places" to people living in areas prone to tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Montenero’s "machine form" produces safe structures in a variety of sizes resulting in significant benefits:

Can be insured in weather-risk markets.
Hurricane-resistant (220 mph sustained winds)
Fire, leak & insect resistant
Mold & mildew resistant
Earthquake resistant
Reduced construction times saves money & speeds occupancy
Can stack multiple stories
Low life cycle maintenance cost
Environmentally sustainable

We support and encourage our projects to employ sustainable building practices:

Structure is stronger than traditional site-built
Quality is better than traditional stick-built
Controlled production supports LEED
Minimal site waste due to engineered design
Minimal concrete waste due to manufacturer efficiency
Concrete forming machines have practically unlimited service lives (reusing steel forms rather than throw-away plastic or wood forms)

We can save time!

Cast concrete modular components save 25% + on production time line
Controlled and inspected means fewer punch items
Timing is faster... much faster
This limits exposure on the construction loan
It enables rental units to be sold sooner, receiving rents or revenues 25% faster!
– Re-useable
– Reduce waste
– Demolition can be reused to protect shorelines


Only 5% premium for higher quality and safety